Zirconium Porcelain Veneers

Zirconium Porcelain Veneers

Zirconium veneers have a much more aesthetic appearance and is more durable than the typical ceramic veneer.

  • Zirconia is extremely durable, it's very rare to see a chipped or fractured zirconia veneer.
    • If you are after a really white "Hollywood smile", then zirconia is the material to choose.
    • Suitable for people with darker teeth. Unlike other veneers, zirconia can completely hide the dark shade of your tooth.
    • Our zirconia veneers dont require any tooth shaving, drilling or anesthesia before fitting.
    • Zirconia is stain resistant, it's unlikely to stain even if you drink coffee or red wine often.
    • A zirconia veneer can last, 20-30 years.

10 Top + 10 Bottom Teeth- $11999.99 or as low as $462.55 per mos w/ Cherry Pay

10 Top Teeth Only- $7999.99 or as low as $369.87 per mos w/ Cherry Pay

10 Bottom Teeth Only- $7999.99 or as low as $369.87 per mos w/ Cherry Pay

Per Tooth- $749.99 or even more affordable w/ Cherry Pay

$4000 Deposit required to begin service.

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*Insurance is not accepted

**Porcelain veneers are covered against any accidental fractures, or damage for 12 months.

** In order to confirm eligibility for this service, a consultation must be completed**

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